POS Stands-POS Products

Sales displays. Stand-alone sales displays with single branding, one brand. Sales support for retail sale.
Unique, distinctive, visible advertisement with your goods in an accessible place for the widest target group.
Instant support to increase your brand’s sales. The Displaye can be reused and the goods replenished.


Counter displays are Smaller stand- alone sales stands used to support the sale of small assortment, smaller goods, small assortmentT. Sale of costume jewellery, stainless jewellery, hair accessories, banana, beta, perky, girl’s costume jewellery, headbands, hair elastics, hair elastic bands, key chains, combs, brushes, manicure, buckles, cellphone pendants, clips, children’s hairpins, wedding Goods and decorations, prom costume jewellery, hair sets I For The leaflets. They are strategically placed at checkout or on counters and ensure maximum attention to selected products. They are very often used to promote the sale of seasonal products, for the promotion of goods or for free trial samples. They positively influence the purchase decision and perfectly distinguish the products from the competition. The position of any sales stand is strategically advantageous Against other brands.