Skleněné reklamní láhve

Advertising glass, glass sandblasting and advertising bottles

Original Promotional gift. Czech handmade glass bottle, filled inside your product or sample, provides you with precision from professionals. Donate an advertising glass bottle with a distillate, to which our company adds a certificate of its quality. This ensures an original and VIP gift for an exceptional opportunity. The production of glass bottles is custom-made, exactly according to your wishes. The minimum quantity is 5o pcs. Price from 500 CZK/PC without VAT.


Czech production of blown clear glass allows us to offer you an original promotional gift of non-standard type. A logo, product, sample of the item Is placed in the bottle and filled with a clear distillate. The type of distillate is usually chosen slivovice. All bottles are sealed with a cork cap and heat sealed with a plastic stopper. We Pass the certificate Of the content of the selected and Selected alcoholto the contract. Or without alcohol? It’s not a problem. But the bottle is original and beautiful.

It is possible to insert a sample of your product into the bottle, or to put on a logo and/or to stick only the armored label. In the hollow is inserted neckties, watches, wooden pallet with logo, tennis ball, golf ball. A glass soccer player or mock tennis racket.

The bottles are packaged individually in cardboard boxes. We offer and print the box of your graphics . The bottle is completely ready for your brand presentation. Gifts are chosen to support your brand and product. They are often supplied as a Christmas gift or a prezent for conferences.

The production of the Czech Glassmaking company, which mainly specializes in export and deals with the processing of hard boritokilicate enamel, has come to our idea. The bottle thus fulfills the purpose of the original gift, which is inimitable.

We also produce glass products for use for decorative and advertising purposes. Examples are blown bottles intended mainly for filling alcoholic beverages, some types of glass table or decorative.

Sandblasting of Glass

The location of the booed logo is on the glass wall or on the bottomof the glass.

Send us your logo in high resolution. We put the logo on various shapes of glasses, white, red wine or other bottles of alcohol. The specific use is distinguished by the size of the glass.

The most widely used size on white sweet wine is the size between 150-250 ml. On white dry wine is the size of a jar between 150-400 ml. For dry white wines of burgundy type is the size from 250-500 ml.. For glasses of red wine range 350-500 ml or more.

The brandy glass is characterized by a type with a shorter leg. The content of the glass is the best selling 400 ml.

The type of glass flute is used for sparkling wine. Her slender body gives a shine to the wine. The narrow throat helps to gather aromatic substances. The flutes size is between 150 and 220 ml.

The most bought glasses are the so-called tumblers. The bottom with the most enamel is called “ice”. The Led has the function of slowing down the warming beverage. The wide use of this glass is common on water, for non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, whisky.


They are most often used to dine wines. In addition to the young wines, it is advisable to spill into the carafe also for robust and strong wines. Pouring into the bottle will result in a larger area that will accelerate the oxygenation of the wine. According to various views, the young wine should be poured 0.5-2 hours before serving.

We also offer pitchpots that are suitable for everyday use. We offer pitchers of different contents, sizes, shapes, classic and modern.