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Gift box Beer moment

Gift box Beer moment

  • Designation: DKP190703/2
  • Price without VAT: 383,00 Kč
  • Price incl. VAT: 463,40 Kč
  • Min. Quantity: 12 pcs

The gift box in a natural brown box contains a farmer’s terine with green pepper, pork liver confit with black olives and peppers, Heiniken, Coronand and Guinness. All the delicacies are packaged in an elegant gift box. Give a taste of a small tasting experience in the form of a seasold package.

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Confit of pork liver with peppers and olives, 90g

Confit of pork liver with peppers and olives
This pork pate by Jean Brunet is a goodness in itself. Try a spicy variation with paprika and olives. The olives give the pate a taste, and in combination with good wine, the whole enjoyment is enhanced. Content 90g.

Terrine with green pepper

Terrine with green pepper
Terina is a traditional dish of meat originating in France. It is prepared from a mixture of pork, veal or poultry meat, but also from duck or goose livers. This species contains larger pieces of meat than is the case with the classic pate. The farmer’s terrine with green pepper offers a spicy slightly spicy flavor. Surely you won’t spoil anything when you get a glass of delicious wine. Content 90g.


Beer Heineken
Heineken is a light lager-type beer. A light golden color and refreshing, gently bitter taste with a typical, strong and pleasantly essential bouquet, this is Heineken beer. Alcoholic Strength by Volume: 5 vol. Content of 400 ml.


Corona Beer
Corona Extra, also known as Coronita, is produced by Grupo Modelo, which was founded in 1925. The brewery is located in Mexico City and is one of the most famous alcohol producers in Mexico. It is perfect for social events, salads, pizzas and burgers. It is a lager with an alcohol content of 4.6. Content 335 ml.


Guinness Beer
Excellent beer originating from Ireland with a distinctive sweet taste. Alcohol Content 4.2 Vol. Content 330 ml.

Company brand option

A gift package with delicacies hides a farmer’s terine with green pepper, pork liver confit with black olives and peppers, Heiniken, Corona and Guinness. The delicacies are packed In a natural brown paper box with a foil windowthat is made of smooth material and is stacked in a woody wave.

To Make The gift perfect we offer a printed box, satin bow or insert a personal compliment.

Thanks to our own packaging production we can guarantee you original gift packaging according to your wishes and turnkey production in another version.

We prepare and assemble The gift box According to your wishes with all precision and attention to detail.

We will deliver The gift packages on the pallet according to your desired location.

Possibility to build your own gift box:
If you want to replenish your box full of delicious dishes and the box with other snacks, please send us your request with your assortment requirements or the final price of the package and we will prepare a tailor made offer.

Give the taste a little tasting experience, wrapped in an elegant gift box, which will be appreciated by all business friends, associates, employees and customers.

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This assortment may be replaced by another item of the same kind and in case of this change, we will contact you.
Nutritional values are always sent with the order form for confirmation.
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‘ Prohibition on the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products to persons under 18 years of age ‘