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Gift Basket Extra Gauy

  • Designation: DKV190718/1
  • Price excl. VAT: 982.00 CZK
  • Price incl. VAT: 1188.20 CZK
  • Min. Quantity: 12 pcs

The gift basket contains Italian Prosecco Astoria Galie, extra virgin olive oil, 69 bitter chocolate Willes and duck foie gras. All the delicacies are packaged in an elegant wicker basket and cellophane with a satin bow. Give a taste of a small tasting experience in the form of a seasold package.

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Prosecco Treviso Gaul

Prosecco Astoria Galie
White sparkling wine with very elegant and permanent wine. The Aroma is rich in fruit, especially peach and apricots. The taste is refreshing and full of life. Very pleasant wine for every occasion with a very soft and soft pearl and a lively finish. Content 0, 75l.

Extra Virgin Olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive oil
Olives collected and graded exclusively by hand at the latest by 31 December. Pressed at a controlled low temperature, but no later than 24 hours after collection. The oil passes through 18 months of dying on the bottle. During the entire production period, it is under constant control of the Certification Institute CCIAA Bari. Premium olive oil with guaranteed and guaranteed quality. Suitable for starters, salads and grilled meats. Content 500ml.

Willie's Cacao Chocolate Willie's Indonesian Gold, Surabaya Gold Bitter 69, 50g

69 Dark Chocolate Willies
Due to the specific smell and unique taste, the problem will not be transferred to an Indonesian island covered with lava, from where the cocoa beans originate. Ride on the bitter taste of smoke to be absorbed in the end with a decent caramel. Content 50g.

Duck Foie Gras
This traditional recipe was preserved in the original version for the best foie Gras.
Cooked foie gras, freshly prepared, are hand-rooted exclusively with salt and pepper, crushed at the last minute to reveal all their fragrances. Content 65g.

Company brand option

A gift basket with delicacies hides Italian Prosecco Astoria Galie, extra virgin olive oil DOC, 69 bitter chocolate Willes and duck foie gras. All the delicacies are packaged in an elegant wicker basket and cellophane with a satin bow. . The delicacies are stacked in a woody wave In an elegant knitted basket, which is finally wrapped in cellophane and sewn with a satin bow.

To Make The gift perfect we offer a satin bow or insert a personal compliment.

Thanks to our own packaging production we can offer you another original gift packaging according to your wishes and turnkey production.

We prepare and assemble The gift package According to your wishes with all precision and attention to detail.

We will deliver The gift baskets on the pallet according to your desired location.

Possibility to build your own gift basket:
If you want to replenish your box full of delicious dishes and the box with other snacks, please send us your request with your assortment requirements or the final price of the package and we will prepare a tailor made offer.

Give the taste a little tasting experience, wrapped in an elegant gift box, which will be appreciated by all business friends, associates, employees and customers.

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