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Bombardino di Ventresca Gift Bag

Bombardino di Ventresca Gift Bag

Enjoyment of taste

  • Designation: TH180831/4
  • Price without VAT: 514,00 Kč
  • Price incl. VAT: 621,90 Kč
  • Min. Quantity: 12 pcs

A gift bag full of savoury treats with Bombardin, fillets from the most valuable belly part of ventresca yellowfin tuna in olive oil and salty crackers. Treat your surroundings with selected Italian delicacies, elegantly wrapped in a natural paper bag. Italian delicacies are laid in woody wool and packed in a natural paper bag. You can add a wish to each bag and tie it with a mutton.

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Bombardino, is a traditional, very well-known and popular Italian liqueur, with an admixture of rum. It comes from the southern Tirol, from the small town of Termeno – Tramín, from the family distillery RONER. Bombardino is a drink with 18 alcohol, served lukewarm or hot, not overcooked! For refinement, we can use a reasonable amount of whipped cream or cream, or gently dilute it with milk according to taste. Bombardino is an ideal way to warm up or make freezing days more pleasant not only in the mountains. Serve heated in a glass decorated with whipped cream in a reasonable amount at its own discretion, approx. 0.1 L. Content 200ml.

Ventresca tuna fillets in olive oil

Ventresca tuna fillets in olive oil
Fillets from the most valuable belly part of ventresca yellowfin tuna in olive oil. Suitable as an appetizer, for spreads or salad. Content 190g.

Salted sticks with salt

Salted sticks with salt
Traditional Italian crackers in the form of crispy sticks flavored with sea salt. Package contents 150g

Capperi al Sale 70g
Capers are the undeveloped flower buds of the flowers of the bush capers Thorny. Loaded in coarse salt. They use Mediterranean cuisine in salads, sauces, pasta, pizza and various meats or fish.

Company brand option

A gift bag with snacks hides Bombardino, fillets from the most valuable belly part of ventresca yellowfin tuna in olive oil and salt crackers. The delicacies are packed In a natural brown bag, on which you can tie a satin bow.

To Make The gift perfect We offer the insertion or tie of personal compliments Or brand of the assortment itself.

Thanks to our own packaging production we can guarantee you original gift packaging according to your wishes and turnkey production in another version.

We prepare and assemble The gift packaging According to your wishes with all precision and attention to detail.

We will deliver The gift packages on the pallet according to your desired location.

The ability to build a custom gift package:
If you want to replenish your box full of delicious dishes and the box with other snacks, please send us your request with your assortment requirements or the final price of the package and we will prepare a tailor made offer.

Give the taste a little tasting experience, wrapped in an elegant gift box, which will be appreciated by all business friends, associates, employees and customers.

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